Propolis benefits

bee propolisPropolis  is the sticky  (or bee glue) used by honeybees. Propolis is often coloured dark brown, but it can also be yellow or red.                     Propolis, which bees process from the plant and tree resin they gather and use to protect the health of their hives.

Propolis too benefits

Propolis offers «antiseptic, antibiotic, antibacterial, antifungal, and even antiviral properties.»In addition to wax and resin, oil and pollen also make up the propolis.                     Propolis works against bacteria in several ways.Underpinning many of the benefits of propolis is that some of its components,like the flavonoids and ethanols, function as antioxidant free-radical scavengers.

Scientists have studied propolis for the following health problems:

-Inflammation of the cervix;

-Dental health;

-Genital herpes;


-Rheumatic diseases;

-Cold symptoms;

-Corneal herpes;


Propolis has been suggested for many other uses, based on tradition or on scientific theories. Propolis often called «nature’s penicillin», has been around for millions of years and used by man for thousands of years for it’s remarkable antibiotic, ant-fungal, anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-oxidizing qualities.Propolis benefits. Bee propolis has effective antibacterial, anti-viral, antiseptic, anti-fungal and antibiotic properties. Used topically it may be effective as an anti-inflammatory, to help heal wounds and stem infection. Can be used on dry cracked and flaky skin, for minor rashes and as a skin moisturizer.Propolis benefits.

We change your health.Propolis benefits bee products.

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